Bourbon Apple Smash Cocktail

Bourbon Apple Smash Cocktail

Shared by Derrick Lathrop

As promised, the Bourbon Apple Smash Cocktail for tonight's #togetherapart - Favorite Fall Flavors!

1 Apple
1/2 oz Barrel Aged maple syrup
3oz Whiskey
cinnamon (optional)

Grab an apple, cut it in half, dice one half and set the other half aside.
Take that diced half, put it in a cocktail shaker and SMASH (muddle/smash - smuddle?) it, like you're making your own cider.

Then add in half ounce of barrel aged maple syrup, followed by three ounces of your favorite whiskey (I like Knob Creek Smoked Maple for this, Buffalo Trace, Elijah Craig, and Woodinville work equally well).

Add ice to shaker, put top on shaker and shake until frost forms in outside of shaker, pop top and strain into rocks glass that is full of ice.
Add three thinly sliced apple slices to a toothpick, drop in cocktail, and sprinkle with a pinch of cinnamon. Enjoy!
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