Someone Say Whiskey® is a community where we thrive on giving back to our members. It all started as a neighborhood Whiskey club with a little under 100 people. As we continued to grow a following in the local Whiskey Community, we realized that we could actually create a larger reach by providing value to each and every member, whether it be free giveaways, local events, barrel selections for only Someone Say Whiskey™ Members, merchandise, virtual happy hours, etc.. By putting our members first, we began to grow at an astronomical rate and start getting members from out of state. Now, a little over 4 years later we are at 15k members and counting!

Meet our Whiskey!

Unallocated® Special Release Bourbon - Brought in from the rolling hills of Lawrenceburg, IN and placed in the trusted hands of the Likarish Brothers at Ironroot Republic, this 6 year Bourbon was married by the talented Administrators of Someone Say Whiskey for your enjoyment. Stay tuned for upcoming releases!

Unallocated® Whiskey

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