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SSW Etched Copita Tasting Glass

SSW Etched Copita Tasting Glass

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SSW Copita Tasting Glass

Elevate your whiskey tasting experience with the SSW Copita Tasting Glass, meticulously crafted for enthusiasts who appreciate the finer nuances of their favorite spirit. Immerse yourself in the world of whiskey like never before, discovering new depths of flavor, aroma, and complexity with every sip.


  • Optimized Capacity: With a generous 4.73 oz capacity, the SSW Copita Tasting Glass is perfectly sized to accommodate the ideal pour for tasting, allowing the whiskey to breathe and express its full range of aromas and flavors.
  • Premium Quality: Crafted from the finest materials, this tasting glass promises both durability and elegance. Its clear, lead-free glass construction ensures that you can appreciate the true color and clarity of your whiskey, making it an indispensable tool for both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned sommeliers.


  • Enhanced Tasting Experience: Experience whiskey like never before as the glass's design intensifies aromas and flavors, providing a richer and more immersive tasting experience.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you're a novice explorer of the whiskey world or a dedicated aficionado, this glass is suitable for all levels of expertise and can be used across a variety of whiskey types, from bourbons to scotches.
  • Ideal for Sharing: The perfect excuse to host a tasting party, these glasses not only elevate your personal tasting experience but also serve as a sophisticated addition to any social gathering of whiskey lovers.

Short Description:

Discover a new horizon in whiskey tasting with the SSW Copita Tasting Glass. Specially designed to amplify the sensory experience of whiskey enthusiasts, this glass combines elegance with functionality. Whether you're sipping alone or sharing a moment with fellow aficionados, this glass is your key to a deeper appreciation of whiskey's complex character. Elevate your tasting sessions and embrace the full spectrum of whiskey's allure with the SSW Copita Tasting Glass.

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