About Us

Someone Say Whiskey™ is a community where we thrive on giving back to our members. It all started as a neighborhood Whiskey club with a little under 100 people, and as we continued to grow a following in the local Whiskey Community we realized that we could actually create a larger club and grow it the way we would want by providing value to each and every member, whether it be: free giveaways, local events, barrel selections for only Someone Say Whiskey™ Members, merchandise, virtual happy hours, etc.. By putting our members first we began to grow at an astronomical rate and start getting members from out of state. Now, a little over 4 yrs later we are at 14k members and counting.

The Someone Say Whiskey™ community provided all sorts of avenues for the admin team to create more and exciting stuff such as Bourbon Real Talk Podcast (Created by Randall Sullivan), Unallocated Spirits (Our own Spirits Brand), Business & Bourbon (Social Networking Started by Rodney Smith), and also long lasting partnerships with Local and National Liquor stores, restaurants, watch companies, wagyu beef farms, bars, and one of the more specials partnerships with Industrial Cigars.

If you’re looking to enjoy a family like atmosphere, great barrel picks, social gatherings, Someone Say Whiskey™ merchandise, virtual happy hours, and free giveaways feel free to join our Facebook Group Someone Say Whiskey™ and make sure to fill out the questions, you can also follow us on Instagram as well.