Buffalo Bubbles

Buffalo Bubbles

How’s the saying go? “We’re gonna need a bigger boat?” 🦈 Today is off to a late start bc I had a bit of sleeplessness 🥴. So, I was thinking Sunday brunchy drink...but ya know mimosas are not really my thing. I like to call this “Buffalo Bubbles”🤷🏻‍♀️

0.75oz lemon juice
0.5oz simple syrup
2oz bourbon 🥃 Buffalo Trace
Shake these with ice and fine strain over a large cube/sphere/chunk
Top up with dry champagne or sparkling.

Some of you like my long winded cocktail history...so... this is actually called a French 95. You may be more familiar with the French 75 (gin 🍋 and 🍾). The French 75 was named after the French 75 mm light field gun (better known as the Soixante-Quinze) which was a mainstay of the French army in World War I. The cocktail naming is attributed to Henry Tépé of Henry’s Bar, Paris around 1914 or before.

The French 95 cocktail appears in Stanley M. Jones’ 1977 Jones Complete Barguide...and being made with bourbon instead of gin was considered to be a little stronger...therefore, it takes its name from essentially “a bigger gun” - likely the Lahitolle 95mm canon.

So, really, my thought process this morning was “I’m gonna need a bigger gun...” 🥁 🥃
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