Drunken Cherries + Cherry cocktails

Drunken Cherries + Cherry cocktails

Shared on SSW by Courtney Lingsweiler

The ingredients for making homemade, boozy cocktail cherries and two cocktails to go along are listed below.

Featured Whiskey: Oak & Eden Toasted Oak Bourbon & Spire Finished Whiskey
Distillery: Oak & Eden in Bridgeport, Texas. Company was formed in April 2017 with first products launched in May 2018
Mash-bill: 60% corn, 36% rye, 4% malted barley
Age: all current expressions are 3 years old

Vanilla Bourbon Cocktail Cherries (aka Drunken Cherries)
1 - 12oz bag of frozen pitted cherries (can use fresh, just make sure they’re pitted first)
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 water
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup Oak & Eden toasted oak spire bourbon

Cherry Vanilla Old Fashioned
1.5 oz Oak & Eden toasted oak spire bourbon
2 tsp of cherry vanilla simple syrup
2 dashes of bitters
1 large ice cube

garnish with 2 drunken cherries and orange peel
Cherry Vanilla Bourbon Smash
1-2 muddled drunken cherries
1 tbsp cherry vanilla simple syrup (I think I accidentally used 1 tsp in the video)
1.5 oz Oak & Eden toasted oak spire bourbon
ice and club soda
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