The Blind Date

The Blind Date

Shared to SSW by Kolby Howard

industrial edition with Sergio Reynoso this cocktail recipe was conceptualized by Scott Jenkins

Simply put its an amazing balance of flavors that reach an amazing complexity with just 2 ingredients, some chemistry and equipment.

Let’s get into it shall we?

This cocktail is called the Blind Date , the 2 ingredients are Rye whiskey and Medjool dates.

This recipe yields 4.25-4.75 liters of the finished product. Remember when I said industrial edition, this is approximately 57 2.5 Oz servings of the finished product. 
You’ll start with 5.25 liters of rye whiskey and 1350 Grams of Medjool dates
Set aside 1.5 liters of rye for later in the process we’ll refer to this later as “clean whiskey”

Take all 1350 grams of dates and 3.75 liters of rye whiskey and immersion blend In a large vessel. Let the date and rye whiskey mixture sit for about 10-12 minutes to extract more flavor. 

After the mixture sets load your industrial centrifuge with your whiskey date mixture and spin at 2500 RPMS for 25 minutes.

After 25 minutes you’ll take the mixture of dates and whiskey out of the centrifuge and strain with a very very fine strainer lined with a cone coffee filter.

Strain all of the now centrifuged whiskey and date mixture into a large mixing vessel and add the 1.5 liters of “clean whiskey” we set aside earlier to the strained mixture and whisk to incorporate.

Bottle your blind date and store cold until Consumption.
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