The Fernet & Champagne Flip

The Fernet & Champagne Flip

Shared to SSW by Kolby Howard
On this weeks episode of #someonesaycocktails I’m taking a page out of the Fernet Branca cocktail book with the Fernet & Champagne Flip!

For my cocktail nerds the Flip is cocktail template that bartenders later used to make the sour! In their original form, flips consisted of ale, rum, and molasses heated in cast iron and stirred with a smoldering poker. The extreme heat made the liquid froth, or “flip,” and a new fireside favorite was born. But like many cocktails, flips have evolved over the centuries, and the version we drink today stems from Colonial America. Served by the barrel in local taverns, it has been suggested that bartenders during this era added eggs and cream to the sweetened drink both to fortify it and to mask the flavor of low-quality alcohol. Whether that is true or not, the addition was a stroke of genius that lends flips the silky texture and rich mouthfeel that make them so distinctive. The recipe was finally standardized and recorded by legendary bartender Jerry “The Professor” Thomas in 1862 in his groundbreaking book Bar-Tender’s Guide. In his version, flips were pared down to a few essential ingredients and often served cold. Though there are many variations, all flip recipes contain liquor, egg, and sugar. The mixture is then shaken vigorously with ice and strained before being garnished with a spice, often nutmeg. The consistency of a flip is that of a thin creamy custard, despite them containing no dairy.

The Fernet & Champagne Flip:
1.5 oz of your favorite champagne
1.0 Oz Fernet Branca
1.0 Oz Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth
1.0 Oz Domaine de Canton Ginger liqueur
2 dashes of fee bros old fashioned bitters
2 dashes ango bitters
Pour Champagne into chilled coupe glass

In the bottom of the shaker tin add, Fernet, Antica, ginger liqueur, bitters, & egg whites.
Add ice shake hard (wet shake)
Strain the ice out and shake (dry shake, no ice)
Strain over Champagne garnish with a lemon twist & a mint spring!
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