The Martinez

The Martinez

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This weeks episode of #someonesaycocktails is a take on one of my absolute favorite martini variations on Earth: the Martinez

The history of the Martinez cocktail is often the subject of debate with some claiming that the cocktail was invented in the town of Martinez, California during the Gold Rush in the 1850s. While there’s no known written record of this,
we do know for sure that the Martinez first appeared in O.H. Byron’s The Modern Bartender published in 1884 with no recipe listed, only the words “Same as Manhattan, only you substitute gin for whisky” (ref). To add to the confusion, he lists two versions of the Manhattan cocktail.

Several variations of the Martinez exist in classic and modern cocktail books. Jerry Thomas Bartenders Guide 1887 Reprint has the Martinez as 1 dash of Boker’s Bitters, 2 dashes of Maraschino, 1 pony of Old Tim gin, 1 wineglass of vermouth, 2 small lumps of ice and if the guest prefers it very sweet, 2 dashes of gum syrup. The cocktail is not included in the earlier 1862 reprint.

The Savoy Cocktail Book specifies (for 6 people), 3 glasses of gin, 3 of French vermouth, a dessert spoon of orange bitters, 2 dessert spoons of curacao or Maraschino, shaken and strained. Mr Boston Official Bartender’s Guide offers a modern day version with 1.5 oz Old Tom gin, 1.5 Oz sweet vermouth 1 tsp maraschino liqueur, 1 dash orange bitters.

For this variation I used Mezcal (honestly I was craving mezcal) Cocchi Storico Vermouth, and Hotel Tangos Cherry liquor. I’m pleased with the results for sure.

1.5 Oz Mezcal Maguey Espadin
1.5 Oz Cocchi Vermouth
0.25 Oz of Hotel Tangos Cherry (to taste I don’t love sweet cocktails so I was very mindful if you want something sweeter up to 0.5 Oz)
2 dashes liquid saline (20% salt water)
2 dashes ango bitters
2 dashes orange bitters
Combine all ingredients to a cocktail stirrer
Add ice and stir clockwise 25 times
Strain into a chilled martini glass serve up (without ice)
Garnish with an expressed orange peel.

Semi artsy photo not required but why make home cocktails if you don’t photograph them??
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