#TWSS November 2023 Vendor Fair


Shop Someone Say Whiskey Merchandise

Sarahbeth Yeli Marshall


Chandler Tomayko


Allison and Chris Remy-Thomas

Texas Charcuterie has made a box especially for OOT. It includes: 2 honeys, 1 bag of candied nuts, 1 bag Single Origin/Single Barrell aged coffee, 2 dozen SSW pick infused gourmet marshmallows, 1 Yelibelly Cocoacino coffee topper, 1 infused chocolate bar, 2 steel coffee cups, a surprise...Shop the Texas Charcuterie Tater Box

Lindsey and Randy Sullivan


Allison Wells


Roxanna Liu

Shop Rox Skin Studio, LLC Gift Certificates- Add Promo Code "SSW15" for 15% off eGift Cards

#roxtails online shopping - 25% discount applied automatically on Skin Care kits.  All orders will be made through the site as "Store pickup" and I will coordinate separate and real time shipping cost individually


Sydney Wells

She's Old Fashioned - Reach out to Sydney directly and she will coordinate your order with you. 

Adam Dolan


Tracy Archer


Steve Roberts

Liberty Timber Flags - Reach out to Steve directly for ordering.

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