Story of TogetherApart

We have been asked to post about what TogetherApart is and how it got started and how you all can join in if you so choose. Back in January 2021, Sydney Wells mentioned in a comment that she was looking for a bottle of Bulliet Blender Select – as Lisa Ballard Furnari was out hunting bottles she happened to find one and shared the find with Sydney – at that point Sydney had found a bottle and was in the process of sharing it with Derrick Lathrop the next night. As a result, Lisa also cracked her bottle of Bulliet that night and they each posted their pours of bourbon, and it became a running theme that each week they would pick a pour to share together. Others got wind of the shared pours and asked if they could be a part of it as well. Over time, it has evolved into every week we select a variety of whiskey to pour together and share those pours via a picture post in SSW and in a chat group that has been setup. It’s a time to just cut loose and enjoy the other members of SSW. We have no requirement that you pour what is selected – everyone is free to pour whatever they want each week – this was all started to share a love of bourbon with other members. There have been several new whiskeys tried because of this group – some have been awesome, others would probably never be tried again – but as Ms. Jackie Mac likes to say – it’s about community and love of a brown water. Keep an eye out – we’re going to start doing some zooms, lives and getting to know you stories!!! If you want in on the chat, reach out to Jody Stone, Amanda Brace, or Pat Garrett and you can join the fun each Wednesday night by sharing what we have chosen to pour or to share something you love.


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